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“. . . then I knew this method really worked!”

Our hope behind the Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) & Witness Development Evangelism (WDE) trainings is to see disciples making disciples. It’s even better when disciples make disciples who make disciples, this would be three generations.

Larry and Janet are a very dynamic couple who love the Lord with all their hearts and desire to obey His command to make disciples. They both have served in ministry for more than 40 years and 15 of those years in pastoral ministry.

They have attended and graduated two Discussion Discipleship Method workshops and are now leading their own group in Kentucky! Below is a testimony from one of the attendees in their Bible Discovery Group who received training from Larry and Janet and began teaching their children using the same tools.


Larry & Janet’s

Bible Discovery Group in Kentucky


Ashley’s Discussion Discipleship Method (DDM) Experience

“I have been learning DDM for a little over a year with Janet and Larry. It interested me because I love theatrics and was in need of a night out to myself for a much needed break. I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of two children. The trainings have impacted me so much more than I ever anticipated.

After I joined, we held a class that my husband and kids came to as well and we learned the Bible story of the Lame Man at the Gate called Beautiful. As the woman was telling the story, my daughter in a 8 year old fashion was laying across the chairs in the row behind me…playing with her gum. I assumed she had “checked out”. When the time came to ask for a volunteer to retell the story, all the adults in the room kinda just sat, but my daughter shot straight up with her hand in the air to volunteer. 

As she walked up front and took the microphone, I held my breath and wondered how she would do. She told the story back with all the details leaving nothing out. I was astonished! It was then I knew this method really worked! (I now teach her in school using a storying method for almost all of our subjects.) 

Using this method as I go through the Bible has changed my life. When I started the class, I was crippled with anxiety and fear. I struggled to drive, I struggled in a lot of things. There were times I would arrive at class…go to the bathroom and cry before we started because I had been tormented the entire drive to class. Toward the end of the semester last year, we thought it would be neat if each of us prepared a story that would be our story, as if it were written in the Bible to share. 

In sharing my testimony (my story), God showed me the root to the anxiety I had been suffering from. This “treasure” was the beginning of healing for me in this area. Today I am free of the bondage of fear and DDM was a great impact in my journey.



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