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In January Spirit of Martyrdom partnered with Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Brentwood, CA to host a Discussion Discipleship Workshop.  We spent 14-hours over a weekend learning how to discover and apply the deep truths hidden in God’s word. It was a great privilege to have the pastoral team of the church involved in the training as well as helping to lead the workshop. They led by example for their congregation to follow after them. We had over 30 attendees and many of them were youth. This church is very in love with God and His word and they were so blessed to go through the Discussion Discipleship Method.

Grace Bible Fellowship now rejoices in having a new and effective tool to study the word of God deeply and grow in Him. During the workshop we taught the people how to have discussions with God and others through the stories written in the Word by asking inductive-conversational questions about God and the people found in the stories. The answers to these questions teach us spiritual insights about God and those in the stories, which we then can apply to our own lives today.

At the end of the workshop, the saints in Brentwood shared how they will use the Discussion Discipleship Method in youth Bible studies, in their personal relationships with God, and with their family devotions.

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Participants Learn to Lead a Bible Study Using the Discussion Discipleship Method

 Participants, Youth and  Leadership share how they were impacted by the workshop:


Participants :

“We are very encouraged and motivated in engaging with the Scriptures in a way that we had not been exposed to before. We learned ways to observe actions and speech within the text and then ask ourselves and each other questions while working through a passage. This progressively became more and more exciting to us as we realized that we could gain so much more from the Bible than we otherwise believed…AND we can stand up and share it effectively!”

The Pastoral Team :

“How wonderful it was to see the flock more and more motivated to go into the text and trust the message of God that is there.  It was very encouraging to have SOM point out that the text itself gives the answers to the questions being asked. Furthermore, observing the participants working together in a given passage and being impressed with the God of the Bible, the spontaneous prayer and welcoming spirit throughout the conference was heart-warming. Partnering with SOM to put on this conference was a blessing. This clearly confirmed God was very interested in using this conference for His glory.”

The Youth of Grace Bible Fellowship :

“This event was spiritually re-vitalizing. We were so motivated and blessed during and after the conference. We are excited to incorporate the DDM into our own bible studies . The challenge to follow the Discussion Discipleship Method is a healthy challenge for us, reminding us that there is a world out there that not only needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ but that we, in fact, could be the ones who are the vessels Christ uses to do it.”


Please Pray For:
    • The leadership and the congregation at Grace Bible Fellowship Church and their fulfillment of the Great Commission.

    • The participants to continue to grow in using the method and become deep disciples for Jesus.

    • Specifically for the youth at Grace Bible Fellowship to grow deeply in the things of God and to have spiritual impact on the future of Brentwood.

    • SOM to continue impacting God’s church through our Evangelism & Discipleship workshops.

    • For God’s Word to be exalted in a generation full of wickedness.

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