Witness Development Evangelism Workshops


• REFRESHING and STRENGTHENING Our Witness and Walk With Christ

 • The Evangelism Workshop Equips Christians to Share Their Faith in a Biblical Conversational Approach


Biblical Skills and Foundation:

  • Using Scripture portions as a foundation in sharing faith with others.

  • How to use questions regarding the Word of God to create an atmosphere of discovery.

  • Graceful conversational approach of listening and responding.

    (No one cares what we have to say, unless they know we genuinely care.)

  • Listening to the Holy Spirit when engaging in spiritual conversations about Christ.

  • Using Genesis as a starting place for the foundation of the Gospel.

  • Showing how the Law is a tutor unto grace.

  • Demonstrating absolute need for atonement through Jesus Christ.

*$50 participation fee for the workshop. If the participant is unable to pay the fee, scholarships are available.

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