100,000 Masks Sewn in 1 Week in India

The shut down in India has caused a massive humanitarian crisis. Indians who leave their home without wearing a mask to gather food are beaten, fined, and possibly jailed.

Ministering Amidst Crisis

Over the past seven years, we’ve been a part of a network of believers who have been trained in sewing skills and sharing the gospel. The Lord inspired the leadership and miraculously multiplied the supplies so they could produce 100,000 masks sewn in 1 week in India! These masks are freely distributed to all, including Indian migrant workers who are walking the roads in a desperate attempt to get back to their home villages.

New Avenues for the Gospel

In the past year especially, tensions between Hindus and the Muslim minority have heightened. Many of the migrant workers are Muslim. They do not wear Muslim clothes to hide their identity from fundamental Hindus as they travel home. The network in India is finding such openness to the gospel that they are freely preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to receptive crowds on the road.

New Season of Outreach to Muslims

Many believers in India are being equipped to spread the gospel. Due to the circumstances, the Lord is redeeming this time and Christians are reaching out with love and care for Muslims. Global leadership from India, Africa and Bangladesh all coordinated together for special times of prayer and outreach to Muslims.

Campwater Industries in India

Our family in India is inspired by Campwater Industries, portable water filtration systems. Their mission is equipping those living in remote areas with supplying “Clean Water & Clean Message” led by our global family in South America. They have asked our family in South America to help them establish a water filtration company in India. Right now, we are praying for the provision to send two water plants to India and begin the training process.


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