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SOM Northwest Africa

99% of villages in Northwest Africa have no witness of Christ. In 2014, SOM-North Africa was established with the assistance of SOM-USA. SOM-North Africa has grown their outreach to the greater region by establishing Church Planting Schools in 2017.

The same year, Sewing Discipleship Schools began training widows and single mothers in their identity in Jesus Christ and sewing trade skills.

The schools are multiplying leaders and the Christian witness in unreached villages. Farming is a ministry and life sustaining skill. SOM–North Africa helps those in need with medicine, food, housing, and agricultural tools and training.



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Meet the Director of SOM – Northwest Africa

  • Islamic teachers are part of his family lineage.
  • His grandfather was a chief and a renowned mighty warlord who propagated Islam through jihad.
  • He read through the Bible 10 times before becoming a Christian.
  • He is the first Christian from his clan.
  • He is fluent in five languages.
  • The leadership team is unique as they are comprised of all Muslim background believers.
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Latest News from SOM Senegal

From Doubter to Devoted – Northwest Africa Testimony

A team from the United States with an African translator, (today the SOM-NW Africa Director), came to my village. The team shared with the villagers that they were followers of Jesus Christ and desired to tell their story. My mother was there and did not speak French or English. Therefore, she did not understand. So she communicated that I, her son, would help her understand, and she gave the man my phone number. However, she would have never given them my number if she had known they were there to speak to me about Christ. A Phone Call Happily, the

Fertilizing Discipleship

Fertilizer and Discipleship? The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom in discipleship, and sometimes we see the humor in the understanding. Who would guess that fertilizer in Northwest Africa plays a crucial role in ministry? Dirt mixed with organics and manure? What's the value? Yet nearly 70 percent of all Northwest Africans make a living from farming, and almost all Northwest Africans participate in gardening and agriculture to feed their families. In a nutshell, Africans from this Islamic region are rural and rely heavily on the earth. Fertilizer can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty The religion of Islam blinds Muslims

SOM International – Northwest Africa

Leading Like Christ Series In the coming months, I will be sharing my observations of the mature Christ-like leadership of each SOM Global Director. They all have similarities in leading effectively while also having simultaneously unique styles. I hope to share a slice of their lives to encourage you to pray for these humble men and inspire your witness of Christ to others. I start this series with SOM International - Northwest Africa Director. To know our SOM Northwest Africa Director is to know more of Christ. His life radiates Christ with brilliant colors in stark contrast to the spiritually

High Profile Woman Northwest Africa Agriculture Program Overcomes Nightmares with Christ

This is a Testimony of a High Profile Northwest Africa Woman Who Overcomes Nightmares with Christ through the African Agricultural Program First of all, I come from a prominent Muslim family generally made up of Marabout (Muslim holy men). My father is a prominent Marabout who passed the leadership to my big brother. For us, the principles of Islam are widely respected and practiced. Islam is the basis of education, and life. I followed this path from a young age. Joining the Agricultural Team I met the SOM Northwest Africa Director in 2020 and their united team, which presented their

North Africa: Banner Class of 209 Church Planters Graduate

Discipleship Schools Flourish in North Africa In mid-June, the North Africa church planting schools graduated 209 students! In this country's history, this number of church planters commissioned at once stands out as a major milestone. Representatives from all different regions joined in the celebration at the festive graduation. Altogether, the graduates were filled with deep gratitude and were ready to go share the gospel. Many graduates face fierce opposition People want them to stop them from sharing the gospel and worshiping the Lord. Recently, the police settled a dispute when Christians were being threatened while witnessing to others about the

Northwest Africa Leadership Expanding Monthly

Report: Mission Fields in Northwest Africa God is doing wonderful things in our lives! The Northwest Africa Director reports: “The church planting schools are doing fantastic! I just came back from leadership training for the Church Planting School and Lighthouse School leaders.  We are so thankful. Soon, we will have another leadership training in Northwest Africa. Likewise, each month, we bring all the leaders to one place and deliver 4-5 days of training. This way, they are prepared for the month, and then they return for more training the following month. As a result, this process is very helpful. Similarly,


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