Fertilizer and Discipleship?

The Holy Spirit gives us wisdom in discipleship, and sometimes we see the humor in the understanding. Who would guess that fertilizer in Northwest Africa plays a crucial role in ministry? Dirt mixed with organics and manure? What’s the value?

Yet nearly 70 percent of all Northwest Africans make a living from farming, and almost all Northwest Africans participate in gardening and agriculture to feed their families. In a nutshell, Africans from this Islamic region are rural and rely heavily on the earth.

Fertilizer can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

The religion of Islam blinds Muslims from the light of the truth. This blindness keeps Muslims locked in toil, brokenness, and poverty. The Lord inspired SOM Northwest African director, to build trust around this commonality of farming. With the help of the SOM Northwest African staff, they launched the Redeeming the Mind of Christ for Africans .

This initiative invites Africans to join an agricultural cooperation to share seeds and fertilizer and serve others. All the industry leaders are Muslim-background Christians who use agriculture and the Word of God to transform their culture. Africans who join this co-op know that Christians run the initiative. Participants must agree to share 10 percent of their crop and seeds at harvest. In addition, participants learn that the design of humanity is to love God and love others.

Fertilizer and Discipleship

Big Vision and Expansion

The initiative officially began in 2021. With the assistance of SOM USA and others, SOM Northwest African director raised $40,000 to buy seeds and fertilizer for 400 families. He recruited more than 3,000 volunteers. The program was so successful that they now have a goal in 2022 to assist 1,000 families. To do this, they need to raise $100,000 to distribute fertilizer to participant farmers by June.

Recently, SOM Northwest African director spoke with a seeking Muslim who was one of the 400 families who joined the initiative this past year. This man said, “Every year at this time, our family runs out of food, but this year we have enough food because of the initiative. Thank you for showing us a better way to live.”  This man is on the way to discovering the power of the Word of God.

Agricultural References are Throughout the Scripture

The Scriptures have much to say regarding the ground as a metaphor for the heart’s soil. Jesus shares the parable of the seed—the Word of God—landing in four types of soil, and only the good soil produced much fruit (Luke 8:4–16).

The Word also says, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a person sows, this he will also reap . . . the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life” (Galatians 6:7–8 ). The potential for eternal fruit-bearing in the coming decade in Northwest Africa is substantial.

Pray for Seeds, Fertilizer and Disciples

Let’s come together in prayer for the tools of fertilizer, seeds, seeds of the Word, and relationships producing much fruit of obedient disciples. Pray for the provision of fertilizer and wisdom to nurture this outreach to the outcome of awakening in Northwest Africa.