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Mexico has 63 indigenous languages, not including Spanish. The least reached tribal groups live in very remote areas of Sierra Madres Mountains. Mexico continues to grow in illicit drug production and violence as drug cartels protect their turf. Many tribal people are caught in a cycle of poverty and oppression as they are recruited for the farming of narcotics. Much of these tribal people lack access to God’s Word.

In 2019, faithful Mexican leaders bringing the gospel witness to the unreached tribal areas of the Sierra Madres Mountains established SOM-Mexico. This is a dangerous area to navigate with banditry and drug cartels. They are using aviation to access remote and hostile areas with the gospel. When nurturing new house churches in the mountains, they bring practical supplies and Bibles.

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Meet Humberto, Director of SOM – Mexico

  • Humberto is a pilot and for years, has courageously navigated sport light planes into the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madres Mountains to serve tribal people.
  • Humberto started a network of home churches in Mexico.
  • For years, Humberto has selflessly served on many ministry boards and engages directly in the fieldwork.
  • Humberto has learned the science of radio work as a means to broadcast the gospel.
  • Humberto and the team travel by vehicle, mule, and aircraft to unreached areas of Mexico sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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Latest News from SOM Mexico

Extreme Poverty In Mexico: Solutions

Helping Impoverished Tribes in Mexico Become Self-Sustainable Recently, we visited a mountainous tribal group who were anxious to see their crops grow. Indeed, this was a sign of hope, for those in extreme poverty. Hope for a better season filled with enough food to sustain them. In case, there are not enough crops to sell, they pray the food will feed their families through the coming season. This tribal group lives dependent upon harvest season. Later, when we returned from this mountain trip, our SOM Mexico team had a heavy burden. They desired to empower this impoverished tribal group to

Relief Gladly Received in Mountainous Mexico

Relief Gladly Received in Mountainous Mexico Relief sent to Villagers in the Mountains of Mexico Due to the COVID-19 virus, it has been a while since SOM-Mexico team has been able to visit the indigenous people in the mountains. The tribal people are having a hard time economically since the rain has been scarce this year. The harvest was very limited; therefore, there is no food for their tables and no crops to sell. We thank the Lord we got there at just the right time and were able to bless them with a good amount of pantry items, clothes,

My Transformed Life – Mexico Story

My Transformed Life A brother in Christ from the city shared the Lord with me in my remote village. I was far from Christ's ways and was a corrupt man. I would drink a lot and frequently visit brothels. I was a very unfaithful man. When I met Christ, my desires changed and I felt liberated. It has been three years since the Lord changed my life in 2017. I am so grateful to God for the way He has provided my needs and how He has made me a free man. I now attend the weekly reunions that Brother

(VIDEO) Expansion of Radio Ministry in Mexico

Radio Ministry in Mexico - Expanding Christ's Message SOM Mexico workers have been connecting with our contacts in Colombia. They saw first hand the incredible impact the radio ministry has had across South America. We are rejoicing with them in the expansion of the radio ministry in Mexico. Watch the encouraging video below of SOM Mexico/MAPS putting up their radio tower and expanding their witness. Get Involved with Global Impact Projects

Tragedy Strikes – Ministering in Remote Villages in Mexico

Ministering in Remote Villages in Mexico Below is a story of how tragedy strikes in Mexico and how the Lord made good out of it and empowered them to continue ministering in remote villages in Mexico. Tragedy Strikes in Mexico Seven years ago, Humberto, our Mexico contact and his wife, Cecilia were preparing for a trip to minister in a very difficult and remote area of Mexico, known for drugs, violence and prostitution, when they had an accident. Humberto was preparing the motorized paraglider and Cecilia was standing in the front of the aircraft helping. Suddenly, tragedy strikes in Mexico

Giving With A Thankful Heart – Mexico Update

Reported by SOM-Mexico Staff Greetings from Mexico! We just returned from an annual event in a remote village. Each year, brothers and sisters from a nearby town celebrate a time of harvest with different communities. They exemplify to the other communities their giving heart and how to tithe to the Lord. These precious brothers and sisters will bring anything from their harvest to give. The SOM-Mexico team was also able to give out practical items such as clothing, shoes, blankets, knives, and pantry items. We had the opportunity to visit different homes and pray for the sick. The time with the

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