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Mexico has 63 indigenous languages, not including Spanish. The least reached tribal groups live in very remote areas of Sierra Madres Mountains. Mexico continues to grow in illicit drug production and violence as drug cartels protect their turf. Many tribal people are caught in a cycle of poverty and oppression as they are recruited for the farming of narcotics. Much of these tribal people lack access to God’s Word.

In 2019, faithful Mexican leaders bringing the gospel witness to the unreached tribal areas of the Sierra Madres Mountains established SOM-Mexico. This is a dangerous area to navigate with banditry and drug cartels. They are using aviation to access remote and hostile areas with the gospel. When nurturing new house churches in the mountains, they bring practical supplies and Bibles.

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Meet Humberto, Director of SOM – Mexico

  • Humberto is a pilot and for years, has courageously navigated sport light planes into the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madres Mountains to serve tribal people.
  • Humberto started a network of home churches in Mexico.
  • For years, Humberto has selflessly served on many ministry boards and engages directly in the fieldwork.
  • Humberto has learned the science of radio work as a means to broadcast the gospel.
  • Humberto and the team travel by vehicle, mule, and aircraft to unreached areas of Mexico sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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Latest News from SOM Mexico

Ministry in Mexico

SUPPLYING NEEDS IN MEXICO The workers in Mexico travel through treacherous areas in the mountains to bring practical items to the families. Pictured are children receiving much needed supplies. JOYFULLY CARING FOR BABIES SOM-Mexico leader joyfully caring for a baby during the distribution of clothing, shoes and Christian resources to the people in a mountain village. Click Here to See Global Impact Projects In Mexico

Ministry in Remote Villages Despite the Risk – Mexico Update

SOM-Mexico Reaching Remote Mountainous Villages with the Gospel In order to reach the mountainous villages with the gospel, there are many risks, as we have to walk these trails that are used by the drug smugglers. The outreach team traveled by horseback for eight hours to deliver the Word of God. We use an Ultralight aircraft to bring supplies and Christian materials into remote areas.  The runways are very risky and in order to get over the high mountains, we have to gain a lot of height.

Mexico Medical Brigade

Dentists being flown in by Ultralight Aircraft By SOM Mexico Staff May 2019, the SOM Mexico Medical Team had the first medical brigade with the SOM Mexico team in the mountains in a small community in Mexico. Along with the team came two dentists and two nurses. Around 170 people were seen by the dentists from not only this area, but many other communities around the area. Some traveled days to get there in order to be seen. There were also two small group classes that were given. One to the youth by a nurse about suicide awareness

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