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India is the least reached nation for the gospel in the world. It is currently in the top ten nations of persecution against the small minority of Christians. In 2011, SOM-USA assisted the first Church Planting School within the SOM International network. In 2012, Pastor Singh established SOM-India with a heart to serve persecuted Christians and advance the gospel.

Ladies Sewing Discipleship Schools were also established training widows in the skill of sewing and biblical discipleship.

As of 2020, there are 20 Church Planting Schools and 20 Lighthouse Sewing Discipleship Schools operating twice a year commissioning these leaders to reach the remotest areas of India.

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Meet Pastor Singh, Director of SOM – India

  • Singh was healed of terminal liver disease. Two days later, he and his family gave their lives to faith in Christ.
  • He preached the gospel to others for three months before receiving his first Bible.
  • At age 16, he left home by faith to preach the gospel full time. He only had the clothes on his back, a tattered Bible, and the equivalent of $3.00 USD.
  • He walked over 40,000 miles witnessing Christ to thousands in unreached villages from 1992 to 2001.
  • Singh is fluent in seven languages.
  • He currently oversees an exploding network of over 40,000 house churches.
  • Singh has a team of leaders multiplying leaders alongside him to help spread the gospel throughout India.
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Latest News from SOM India

Church Planting Schools: India

India Church Planting Schools Graduate 20th Class Amazingly, at the end of April, the ministry in the SOM India planting network graduated the 20th class of church planters in 20 schools throughout the country. Furthermore, six hundred church planters and two hundred Lighthouse Sewing/Discipleship school workers also graduated for a total of 800 new workers. Above all, praise Jesus for His powerful work... Sadly, the second wave of wave of COVID outbreaks is leaving the country reeling. Even so, the ministry in India reports the threat of COVID shakes the whole country. Thousands in India are losing their lives. Fear

India Man Stands Faithful In Spite of Persecution

Man from India Isolated at Work For His Faith Firstly, a man from India shares, “All the men had to leave our village. Work could not be found. Without work, there’s no way to provide for my family.” As a group of Hindu men We moved far away to an industrial area for unskilled labor work and began to work in the stone cutting industry. In addition, the industry located in a very unhealthy and unclean environment and the air is very polluted.  Eventually, I felt sick frequently. During this time I became deeply lonely from being away from my

Indian Church Planters Share Jesus

Indian church planters pursue expelled migrants laborers The fruit of their labor Indian church planters frequently minister to migrant laborers. The migrants are living under tarps on the outskirts of villages. Police forced one migrant family to move further away from the village. The authorities came and burnt down all of their belongings, including their tarp house and even their warm clothes, which they needed for covering in the cold weather, chilling them to the bone. They could not even beg for their daily food because of being forced out of all the neighboring villages. During a recent visit, the

Brothers Transformed by Forgiveness

Brothers Strife Leads to Eternal Life in India My brothers and I, and my family live with my parents. I was born into a Hindu family. I married in 2011 and am blessed with 2 children. We live under one roof as a joint family My brothers always quarreled together over many family disputes. Therefore, to the outside world, we looked like pious people because of the idol worship we participated in. Many thought we were a happy family, yet there was no joy and happiness at home. In other words, my younger brother and I would simply start quarreling because

A Year in the Life of the India Church Planter

India Church Planter Faces Challenges Firstly, in Acts 13, the Holy Spirit calls out Paul and Barnabas to go into the ministry of church planting. For example, imagine a world, such as India, where almost everyone and everything is against you. In other words, the religious establishment is against you. Meanwhile, the government is against you. In addition, your own family is against you.  Likewise, Satan is against you. Who is with you? Therefore, consider the following challenges facing the India church planter. Challenges of India Church Planting: The church planter will often face criticism, rejection and opposition. (See Bible verses:

India Testimony – Wife Forgives Husband Who Burned Her With Oil

India Testimony - Wife Forgives Husband Who Burned Her With Oil Wife's Background I was raised by a Hindu family and married a Hindu man. We were blessed with two children. There was much stress and many troubles in my life. Shortly after my wedding, a Christian friend shared the gospel and I received Christ as my Savior. Many times, my husband chased me out of my home and severely beat me. Our children would cry with fear when my husband burst out with arguments. For many years, he tried to get rid of me because my poor parents could

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