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International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Receiving threats from unbelievers and the oppressive establishment is commonplace for the persecuted church. Threats frequently arrive in various forms causing rejection at home, at school, and even at work. Finding that safe “place” to worship without malicious threats and finding the inner peace to continue to share Jesus no matter the cost is a spiritual battle.

As the Holy Spirit calls you to a specific corner of the world, please pray for believers to remain steadfast when their own lives are at risk. These resources will equip and guide you through prayer for those who risk much for Jesus.

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How to Pray on International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Praying for Persecuted Believers Who C.O.U.N.T. the Cost of Following Jesus

Go deeper in prayer for persecuted believers by using the acronym C.O.U.N.T.



Pray for persecuted believers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cuba, Iran, India, North Africa, North Korea, Venezuela, and globally to have the Courage to face off against detractors with grace, love, and peace.



Pray for persecuted believers to stand firmly against threats and see the hardship as an Opportunity to share Christ as a bold witness.



Anger and strife often threaten the unity, pray for discouraged believers to stand United in faith as they show Jesus’ love.

Nation in View

Nation in View

Adopt a Nation where the gospel is restricted, and the church is underground. Pray for them daily to stand firm and move the Kingdom forward even though the risks are significant.



Despite the hatred, emptiness, and frustration that comes with threats and attacks, pray the power of the Holy Spirit to prevail and Triumph in the dark moments and difficult places.

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