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SOM Latin America

Violent, armed militias and/or drug cartels control many remote regions of Colombia and Venezuela where there is no Internet access. Colombia is the second highest producer of cocaine in the world. (Afghanistan is the highest as of 2019.)  After the conclusion of 54 years of civil war in 2017, vast regions are still under-served and unreached with a clean gospel witness.

In 2009, American missionary to Colombia and good friend, Russell Stendal, approached David about joining forces with SOM InternationalSOM International became the umbrella United States office to communicate with USA partners the vital ministry in war-torn Colombia. The ministry in Colombia is touching the lives of people through Christian radio broadcasting and distributing Bibles and Christian materials. The work has now expanded to the people of Venezuela and other Spanish speaking nations. Most importantly, there are relationships being built with Latin Americans of all political, religious, and ethnic persuasion as we demonstrate peace and love through faith in Jesus Christ.


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Meet Russell, Director of SOM – South America

  • Russell authored over 30 books, including editing the Jubilee Bible, in English and Spanish.
  • Russell and the team have produced over a thousand radio programs on the Bible, family, marriage, children’s programs, and history.
  • Russell was taken hostage five times by Anti-Colombian Government forces.
  • Russell wrote the book, Rescue the Captors, while being held hostage for five months in the jungles of Colombia.
  • He has consulted with Colombian Presidents, Generals, and other leaders throughout South America.
  • Russell is a veteran Andes Mountains aviation pilot and used planes to parachute hundreds of thousands of Bibles and Christian materials into restricted and hostile zones of the Colombian jungle.
  • Russell was nicknamed, “The Apostle of Peace,” for his influential role of the final Peace Accord in 2017.
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Latest News from SOM Latin America

Believers Pleading for More Resources

By SOM Colombia Staff Thousands of pastors and congregations are urgently requesting our materials as the unprecedented harvest of souls continues to respond to the Gospel.  Our latest Spanish Study Bible has an updated concordance and Bible dictionary designed to aid both the novice and the mature Christian as they study the written Word of God. Along with a key Bible translator, we spent over a week ministering at a special conference for about 170 pastors (some came with their wives). The tribes are experiencing a widespread revival, as are the Spanish-speaking citizens of Venezuela and eastern Colombia.  The quality

Off-Grid Adventures: Delivering Portable Water Treatment Systems

My father told me the story of Moses praying over the mountain with his hands lifted up while Joshua and the people of Israel fought against their enemies. By telling the story he shared an example of how the body of Christ should operate (Exodus 17:11-13).  My father reminded our family, “There are people in the frontline of the battle who are fighting against the enemy in a very difficult way.”  “There are also people like Moses, praying for those who fight. Those prayer warriors get tired because of the intensity of the battle. They also need support from others

Is the Jubilee Bible a Good Translation?

Russell Stendal Answers the Question, "Is the Jubilee Bible a Good Translation?" Jubilee Bible Prioritizes Context and Spirit of Truth By Russell Stendal Many years ago, I was given a copy of an old Spanish Bible translated in the heat and enthusiasm of the Reformation—which was brutally put down in Spain by the Inquisition—when it was common practice to burn Bibles along with their owners. I immediately noticed a depth and clarity to this translation that brought forth a clear witness of the Spirit of God as to the meanings of many seemingly unfathomable passages that had intrigued me for

This is God’s Time for Either Repentance or Collapse

Venezuelan Economy Collapsing Twenty-five years ago, some of my Colombian pastor friends, thinking that their Venezuelan counterparts were too proud and arrogant, were fond of stating in no uncertain terms that the neighboring country was due for a healthy reality check. This was when Venezuela was one of the most prosperous countries globally, with its per capita income in the top ten nations worldwide before 2 million percent inflation hit. Now, per capita income is similar to Uganda's, and the economy is still going down. Venezuelan Economy is Triggering a Religious Upheaval to Take Place Meanwhile, a religious upheaval is

Bible Delivery

Dangerous Conditions Mark the Bible Delivery Journey Encouraging Bible delivery testimonies abound as we travel into remote areas like dangerous Colombia -Venezuela border.    Praise God—the Lord has raised many pastors and evangelists to work under challenging conditions with little or no outside support. I recently met with two believers who work with one remote tribe. They (along with their families) have been listening to us on the radio for twenty years. Congregations they minister to are thriving even though no one has had a Bible in their language until now. This predicament is rapidly changing since we have printed

First Shipments of Piaroa Bibles Arrive in Venezuela

Anticipation has been building in Venezuela for many months amidst the Piaroa Tribe. After working for 25 years, a Bible translator has recently completed the entire Bible, and the first shipment of Bibles are finally being distributed.    Transporting these Bibles over the dangerous, muddy, and drenched roads is no small feat. The thousands of Bibles are boxed and have to be loaded and unloaded onto big trucks and barges to cross the river. This river crossing is one of the most dangerous borders in the world. After all, the long-awaited day has finally arrived when the people can read



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