Fighting Extreme Poverty In Mexico Helping Impoverished Tribes

Helping Impoverished Tribes in Mexico Become Self-Sustainable

Recently, we visited a mountainous tribal group who were anxious to see their crops grow. Indeed, this was a sign of hope, for those in extreme poverty. Hope for a better season filled with enough food to sustain them. In case, there are not enough crops to sell, they pray the food will feed their families through the coming season. This tribal group lives dependent upon harvest season.

Later, when we returned from this mountain trip, our SOM Mexico team had a heavy burden. They desired to empower this impoverished tribal group to be self-sustainable. Spiritually, the people are hungry for God’s Word to touch their hearts. We are praying for the Lord to open doors and make a self-sustainable community and strong in the Lord.

Little girls worn shoes are an example of why fighting extreme poverty In Mexico is important

Home Construction

SOM Mexico is building a new home for a brother they met in the streets selling food for a living. He has short-limb dwarfism. As a result, he experiences severe bone pain daily. He has been sleeping in his car for several years. A home for him to take shelter and a place of refuge – we are so blessed to provide. Thank you for helping us reach lives for Christ!

Helping the people of Mexico

Radio in Sierra Madres Advances

At this time, the radio station continues to share God’s Word with far mountainous communities of extreme poverty. Frequent consistent updates are required to stay connected via internet. The atmosphere in the mountain villages is being transformed each day.

colorful ladies of Mexico hearing the good News of Jesus

When the gospel reaches a tribe for the first time, the peace of Jesus Christ descends upon a village. Tribal peoples turn from focusing on fear to focusing on faith. Where there was emptiness and strife, the love of Christ transforms relationships. Instead of submitting to the authority of the local shaman, believers live under the authority of Jesus Christ.

Tribal people turn from focusing on fear to focusing on faith

Mountain Regions Developing Leaders

A Christian brother just finished a leadership training for a specific remote people group. In addition, there were around 50 indigenous people trained and taken out to the field to evangelize. Subsequently, many gave their hearts to Christ and were baptized. Thank you for your prayers, support, and generosity to help expand the Kingdom work in Mexico!