Opportunities for Clear Witness Amidst Deadly Protests in Colombia

Imposing severe and prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns

President Duque of Colombia finally realized this was bankrupting the country. Then, in desperation, he pushed a supposed “tax reform” with serious tax hikes.  The tax reform caused the country to explode into chaos with massive demonstrations and protests. These soon turned into riots infested with violent agitators and the death toll is in the hundreds. Roadblocks are on most major roads, and large cities had food and gasoline cut off.

A Country turmoil and deadly protests

Protests turned deadly when police stations are being burned with the police inside.  Fed-up civilians are attacking the protest demonstrators. It will be another year before the elections, and Duque could be forced to resign before then.  A similar scenario may be developing in other countries.

On June 26th, President Duque’s helicopter was hit by gunfire when traveling near the Venezuela border.  In the incident, there were no injuries sustained.

Making a lasting impact

These times of extreme unrest and deadly protests in Colombia are excellent opportunities to share the Gospel.  When there is a clean, clear witness, many turn wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ.

During COVID-19, Colombia’s GDP fell nearly 7% in 2020, and employment climbed to 17%. Almost half the population lives in poverty.  Current economic conditions fuel the unrest and protests, while COVID numbers spiked in June to new record levels.

Our efforts will continue to keep our radio transmitters on the air. Our commitment is unwavering to providing Bibles to Colombia, Venezuela and elsewhere.  We are preaching and sharing God wherever He opens doors.

Please pray for Colombia and Venezuela

  •                 Continue to pray for the shipments of Bibles to arrive on time despite significant backups at the port.
  •                 Keep in your prayers for the health, strength, and safety of the entire Stendal family.
  •                 Pray for pastors in Venezuela who are striving to shepherd their flocks in times of widespread economic scarcity.
  •                 Leaders within the Colombian government and military need your prayers. Those who are favorable to Christianity pray they have strength and resolve in times of chaos.
  •                 Pray for health care workers to navigate the stressful pandemic times with peace.