Installing radio towers is not for the faint of heart.

Climbing up to elevated heights is daunting. Facing strong winds in high temperatures requires patience.   Overcoming numerous technical difficulties for weeks takes perseverance.

Nevertheless, by the grace of God, SOM Colombia workers accomplished the complicated task of installing a radio tower on the Colombia border that extends transmission all over Venezuela and half of Colombia.

Workers had to build the radio tower, install the complex antennas, and transmitter system, and rebuild part of the camp.

Workers from SOM Colombia experienced extremely dangerous roads on the way back to their urban base. Their vehicle was stuck in big potholes from the flooding during the rainy season causing their rear bearing to fail. During another instance, they slid off the road into a ditch and had to get pulled out. They were finally able to make it home safely.

In addition, the distribution of boat loads of Bibles into Venezuela continues at full steam ahead.

The Christian tribal people are proving vital to get Bibles across the river. Even though the borders are officially closed, the native people can freely roam back and forth in their dugout canoes.

Please pray these generators keep maintained and stay running. Pray for the operators of the radio tower to keep moving forward. Pray for the broadcasting to be effective in transmitting the gospel of the Kingdom and for the message to be received.