India Testimony – Wife Forgives Husband Who Burned Her With Oil

Wife’s Background

I was raised by a Hindu family and married a Hindu man. We were blessed with two children. There was much stress and many troubles in my life. Shortly after my wedding, a Christian friend shared the gospel and I received Christ as my Savior.

Many times, my husband chased me out of my home and severely beat me. Our children would cry with fear when my husband burst out with arguments. For many years, he tried to get rid of me because my poor parents could not give him the dowry money.

The Husband

My husband was addicted to alcohol and participated in illegal and violent activities. One day, he came home drunk and angry. He closed the kitchen door, took a bottle of oil, poured it on me, and lit me on fire.

Our children heard me from the other room as I cried out burning. I managed to cover my body with a blanket, and I yelled, “Jesus, Jesus save me and stop the fire.” I felt the fire stop, even though my face and body were burned.

One neighbor heard the sounds of our cries, ran to our home, and took us to the hospital.

I had no money at all for treatment, but I was praying with my broken heart, and the Lord touched and spoke to the health care worker to treat me. It was a testimony to the workers that though my husband tried to burn me, I still loved him and did not speak anything against him.

Even though I was under treatment for a month, the Lord miraculously healed me. I still have burn scars all over me, but am grateful to Jesus for restoring my body.

Husband’s Salvation

My husband became gravely sick of liver failure in 2018 and was on his deathbed. I was able to share the gospel and he responded to Jesus in faith!

Peace was visible on his face, and he died a few hours later on the same day. I had great joy in the last moments of brokenness as I witnessed silent repentance on my husband’s face after hearing the gospel.

After my husband’s death, it was just me with our two little boys. We have financial hardships, but Jesus keeps me steady in Him. I prayed earnestly for a job, and miraculously, I heard about a Sewing/Discipleship School. Hallelujah, how the Lord knows the exact type of work His children need!

I am looking forward to completing my training and beginning my witness center.

Thank you for praying and serving the widows and persecuted women in India for Christ. Sewing/Discipleship students come from various broken, hopeless, persecuted, and challenging situations, and they need your special prayers.