Bible Delivery: Bibles by the Boatload in Venezuela

By Russell and Marina Stendal

Turmoil and unrest continue to increase in the world around us, but we are finding unprecedented opportunities to share the gospel and to witness exponential growth.

One of the world’s most dangerous places is the 1,378-mile Colombia/Venezuela border. This region is home to many diverse and corrupt factions and is also teeming with millions of desperate individuals fleeing the economic devastation of Venezuela or attempting to procure necessary food and medicine in Colombia.

Colombia is where drugs, gasoline, cattle, gold, and even diamonds are being smuggled, not to mention kidnappings and human trafficking.

Desperate Need for More Bibles

In the midst of severe economic and social devastation, a tremendous Christian revival has been steadily gathering strength over the past 20 years. A limiting factor has been the scarcity of Bibles. So far, our Bibles for Venezuela project has infiltrated almost 150,000 Bibles across the deadly border.

God has been using an unlikely collection of key “bridge builders” on both sides of the border. The tribal people who live on both sides freely paddle back and forth in dugout canoes and ferry a formidable supply of the Word of God.