Relief Gladly Received in Mountainous Mexico

Relief sent to Villagers in the Mountains of Mexico

Due to the COVID-19 virus, it has been a while since SOM-Mexico team has been able to visit the indigenous people in the mountains. The tribal people are having a hard time economically since the rain has been scarce this year. The harvest was very limited; therefore, there is no food for their tables and no crops to sell.

We thank the Lord we got there at just the right time and were able to bless them with a good amount of pantry items, clothes, and some toys for the kids. We also made hotdogs for all the people. They were filled with deep joy and thankful to receive the supplies. We’re grateful for those who are investing in the ministry in Mexico.

Relief gives SOM Mexico Opportunities to Share the Gospel

The main purpose of the monthly mountain trips is to share the gospel with the tribal peoples. We always provide daily essentials like food pantry items, clothes, and sometimes toys for kids. Please pray for the hearts of the people in the villages to receive Christ and grow in Him. Pray for their families to endure through the lean times.