2020 Highlights from South America

2020 Highlights Reported by: Russell and Marina Stendal

In reflecting back on the highlights in 2020, it was a very productive and successful year for our ministry and you have been a vital part. At first, things did not look so good due to the pandemic lockdowns. This, however, gave us time to finish writing, editing, and publishing many book projects in English and Spanish that had been on the back burner. (Visit Our Bookstore Here) I was also able to preach through all sixty-six chapters of Isaiah in both languages.

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Work in Venezuela Picks Up Steam

2020 Highlight in Broadcasting: We were able to help rebuild a burned down village where we made a beautiful radio station. This gives us a total of four transmitters operating on the Venezuela border along with several Christian stations within Venezuela that we support.

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2020 Highlight in Bible Distribution: We’ve had huge success infiltrating Bibles, New Testaments, and related materials into Venezuela. Even though some of our people were put in jail for a couple weeks, the Lord worked it out and we have been able to continue to smuggle Bibles across the officially closed border.

2020 Highlight in Printing: The print shop here in Bogota operated by a sister ministry was closed down due to Covid, but was able to reopen and print over 120,000 copies of the Bible materials needed for Venezuela. The revival in Venezuela continues to pick up steam even as the economic conditions continue to deteriorate. We have begun distributing food to needy Christians, who are virtually starving, as designated funds are available.

2020 Highlight with the Nasa Tribe: The work in Cauca with the Nasa tribe is flourishing in the midst of continued persecution. The churches are growing by leaps and bounds and this year we found another 10,000 believers who we had not known of before.

Prayer for Opportunities in 2021

Please continue to pray for us as opportunities expand in 2021. The evangelical Christian movement in Latin America is in crisis due to the pandemic. Many church buildings are closed due to lockdowns, but it is also exploding due to personal witness, Internet, and radio. This dramatic shift increases greatly the need for good Bibles and sound teaching materials.

Photo Gallery Highlighting our Work in 2020 with a Local Tribe in Venezuela

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