Economic Crisis Deepening in South America

Economic Strife Presenting Unprecedented Opportunities

Russell and Marina Stendal

The economic crisis in South America is deepening and presenting opportunities for us to serve. There are a number of delicate situations we are monitoring. Just when we think things have hit rock bottom, they continue to get worse. Entire nations are in that boat, as well as, many individuals across the South American continent.

Many have lost their livelihood due to the pandemic and worsening economic struggles. Economic and political strife is unsettling. Many are frustrated with their local church.

As near as I can tell from Bible prophecy, the short-term situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. It has been our experience here in Colombia, as well as other difficult places, that times of crisis, may, in reality, be a blessing in disguise. This is when people are shaken for unholy ties and unclean bonds that have kept them from making a total commitment to the Lord.

We are distributing Bibles and literature into dangerous places like Venezuela and parts of Colombia. People read the Bibles are read over and over again until they are extremely well used. We now use top-quality paper and strong robust bindings. I have never heard of anyone getting more “bang for their buck.”

Taking Supplies to Neediest and Economic Distressed Areas

In some of these areas, food is so scarce that unless the Lord continues to miraculously provide, people are in danger of starving to death. Therefore, the spiritual hunger is also extremely great. The radio signal is concentrated on the areas of greatest opportunity. This month we help put another Christian radio station back on the air at a very strategic location. We also supplied them with thousands of hours of excellent programming.

How to Pray for Financial and Humanitarian Relief 

Please continue to pray for us, as we infiltrate the Word of God and beam the gospel across some of the most difficult and dangerous borders in the world.  Please continue to pray for the hundreds of pastors, chaplains, evangelists, and local congregations that God is encouraging with physical and spiritual help from people like you.