Inspiring Story of a Fulani Woman

This Fulani woman was healed by Jesus through the ministry of a Christian doctor.  She will be attending the Upcoming Discipleship Sewing School.

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I Couldn’t Walk and the Local Fulani Witch Doctors Couldn’t Help

I am from a Fulani people group who brought Islam into our country. Until 2020, I had never met a Christian in my life. I became very sick for a longtime. My family took me to witch doctors and they put talisman all over my body for healing. We paid a lot of money and even sold many of our cows, goats, and sheep to give the money to the witch doctors, but nothing was helping me get better.

After many months, I couldn’t walk or even move one leg. My mother decided to take me to a Christian hospital in another city because after many weeks of medicine, I was still not feeling better.

Prayer from a Christian Doctor Changed my Situation

One day, the doctor asked me, “Can I pray for you?” My mother and I couldn’t refuse anything. We said, “Yes!” As soon as the doctor started to pray in the name of Jesus, I started to feel well. I started to move one of my legs, which I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Since then and from now on, every Wednesday the doctor calls to pray for healing over me. Finally, I started to feel much better and I have started walking and eating.

What a difference Jesus has made in my life

The doctor asked me if I want to follow Jesus Christ. I did not even hesitate, I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my personal Savior in 2020!

When we returned home and people heard I was following Jesus, they asked me to leave the village.

I moved to a larger city and found a small job to meet my primary needs. My mother was also persecuted because of my faith. She endured many insults in the village. Anytime I received money, I would send it to my mother. Even now, the village has ostracized my dad’s household because of my faith.

Through many hardships, I am still following Jesus and will forever. I have joy and peace in my heart. God is protecting me every day. I am looking forward to joining the next Discipleship/Sewing School. God bless you.

Pray for the Muslim World and the Fulani People

Please pray for this overcoming woman to impact her community with her testimony. Pray for the Discipleship/Sewing Schools in Senegal to impact the next generation of leaders. Pray for the new eight church planting schools in Senegal to produce much fruit.

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