My name is Abdoul and I am a 53 year old Africa Christian and this is my testimony:

When I was young, maybe 15, I had a dream about God and He was an old African man. He told me to forsake, “the Wizard.” (Today, I know “the Wizard” is Islam.) I knew in my heart it was God, but I did not know the meaning, however, I kept it in my heart. My older brother was Christian and he invited me to become a Christian. My father was open minded and read the Bible. A friend gave me the book of John and another friend asked me if I was a Christian. “No, I told him,” I then read through the book of John.

October 1997, I received an idea that I should help the Talibe (street children who beg for local mosques). I washed their clothes and helped them. Some brothers of my family became Christian. Today, I am very thankful because they invited me to study the Bible and I would stay once in a while. I did not want to become a Christian because when my brother became Christian everyone abandoned him.


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October 1997, on a Friday, I felt something special from Christians. On this date I accepted Jesus. I felt Jesus with peace, a feeling I never had before. Since that day, I started learning more and more with other brothers. When my Muslim family members found out that I was Christian, they were upset that I was following my infidel brothers’ ways. They threatened and warned me three times. In the state I live in, it is legal to kill an apostate. Meetings are usually 4 to 5 people. No more than 12 people. For security reasons we keep close circles. I do not know many believers in my state in North Africa. One day, I was witnessing to a friend, I mentioned the Gospel; he became very mad and walked out. Islam is very demonic and strongly resists Christians.

March 14th of 2014, another Muslim background believer who oversees a ministry in North Africa invited me to his area. At the Bible conference the Lord spoke to me to go full time in spreading the gospel. In April 1997, I had read a book about a missionary to China who spread the gospel, by Andrew Stone titled, “The Fighting Angel.” Every time I read the book I got energy.

I go on prayer walks to a region of North Africa and in the last two years have walked and prayed in that area. My vision is to walk this whole area of 600 km. (373 miles) I live in the capital city and take a three hour bus to this area. I then walk and pray. I serve them by praying for them. I love them. I want to live as an authentic Christian. I keep people in my home and share everything. My wife is a Christian and she supports the idea of full time ministry for me even though it is a great risk. The Lord is working on my three children even though they must learn and practice Islam at school. Today my daughter is 19 and she received Christ as her Lord and Savior at a youth camp last year. She is on fire for Jesus and wants to be a strong witness of His love. This is the biggest gift I have.

We asked, “How often do you get training?”

Once a year I receive training through workshops. Training on prayer has helped me the most. First priority for me is to pray, pray, pray. I spend all day and another half a day walking around the Capital of my state in North Africa. One day, I walked around all the government buildings. I know 12 persons who are Christians in the capital. I am aware of less than 100 true believers in my state. Another believer has now invited me to be part of a church planting school next semester. This is my dream and prayer that God will make a way and provide for me to be trained to advance God’s Church where I live in North Africa. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and serving our Lord Jesus.


(This story has been sanitized for security reasons. Details of names and places have been omitted or changed. The English has been edited only when needed for clarity, as we wanted everyone to hear his story as he told it.)