Update About Kelly



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Kelly’s husband Pabel was martyred in 2014 while delivering Bibles to a hostile Colombian Native American region. SOM workers were able to encourage and walk with Kelly during those difficult days and helped her relocate by purchasing land and building a house for her and her two children. SOM continues to partner with her as a bold witness of Christ.

Kelly is doing great and very happy. She has recently gotten a job, working part time in a soda plant. Her two children are doing very well and her whole family; parents, sister and brother in law are all very encouraged. Kelly’s presence is so humble and light hearted. She is very joyful, hopeful and filled with the Lord all the time.

Kelly is in the process of helping with a new project. There are 100 Indians that have been persecuted and displaced from their land. They live an hour away from Kelly’s home. There was a project that was done in Cauca where the Indians were given land and the tools to be able to plant different fruits and vegetables, water plants, schools, churches and materials to build their homes. They became a self-sustained community. Kelly wants to replicate that project with the 100 Indians near her home.

Kelly became a fierce missionary after Pabel’s death; going back to the hostile areas where the Indians lived that murdered her husband. Her house is full of Bibles and books and every chance she gets, she takes Pabel’s old motorcycle and distributes Bibles and Christian materials. In the hostile area, Kelly found the 100 Indians who are being persecuted. No one would of known about them, if it weren’t for Kelly’s heart in ministering the Gospel and giving out Bibles.

If this community of 100 people can be thriving and successful and do what the others are doing, it’s going to impact the whole area where Pabel was murdered.