Before I met Christ, I was an alcoholic and drug dealer who caused much trouble. However, alcohol and drugs were not my biggest problem.

For one year straight, I was drunk or high constantly, not knowing anything about myself. I began to have heart problems and faced many difficulties that caused me to stop drinking little by little.

Demonic Visions

One afternoon, I was working in a small town at somebody’s home. I started hearing and seeing things from another world. The sky grew cloudy, and I heard the sound of rattlesnakes. About three feet from me, I saw little tornadoes on the ground and a man with a dog face coming out of the dirt.

Suddenly, the dog-face man jumped on me, and I lost all ability to think. I screamed out, and my wife heard me and came running. I was spitting blood and foaming from my mouth. My wife took me to a nearby town and called an ambulance. I was still seeing things at the hospital, but I thought it was the process of withdrawing from the drugs and alcohol.

As I began my sobriety journey, the man with the dog face would come to me whenever I stopped drinking. It manifested in front of me, and I became weary and sick from the sight.

Hope for a Change

One day, I met a Christian lady selling bread. She asked, “Do you want to accept Jesus as your Lord in your heart? It’s necessary.”

No doctors could find the cause of my heart problems, and I was tired of feeling sick and seeing the man with a dog face coming at me. I knew I needed to do something different and began listening to the Christian lady.

My dad was a Shaman, and they had told me I had to kill a cow yearly for a sacrifice so that I would stop seeing the man with a dog face. I thought my life was ending because I didn’t have enough money to buy cows every year to sacrifice.

I asked the Christian lady, “Can God heal me and save me from these things?” She said, “Everything is possible with God.” She prayed over me, and two weeks later, I joined her at a Bible study. I began to listen to and read the Bible. Within three weeks, God healed my heart and mind, and I recovered from my addictions.

A New Direction

I was working a regular job, but God called me to go and work for Him, so I was obedient and began to see the light. I started preaching and sharing the Word of God with others.

Because of my testimony, many brothers and sisters have come to Christ. Through these trials, God gave me the perspective to relate to others in villages who see these wicked things. I used my testimony to share the freedom in Christ from all demonic forces.

God has taught me not to operate out of the feeling of fear but instead to walk in bravery wherever I go. We have authority in Christ. Thank you for all your prayers and partnership!