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Who Are Living Martyrs?

Who are Living Martyrs? By David Witt   In a nutshell, a living martyr is a credible witness for Christ--one who will not compromise their faith in Jesus and His work. Jesus Himself and His disciples risk and sacrifice much for the love and work of God. How is it possible to be a living martyr -- alive and at

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Global Ambassador Testimony by Jan T. – Spirit of Martyrdom

Global Ambassadors - International Meets Domestic   Jan T. - Arizona, USA   I was challenged and inspired, for many years, by the international stories about courage and boldness shared by SOM International. Currently, I am growing in maturity within Christ and discipleship through the SOM Global Ambassador training.   I am deeply encouraged to hear of the Lord's love

Evangelism Workshop Testimony

I am pleased to introduce to you Tina Wright, who recently was promoted to Senior Instructor status for SOM Witness Development Workshops. A Senior Instructor is someone who has become proficient to lead and coach in the Discussion Discipleship Workshops and Witness Development Evangelism Workshops. They have demonstrated maturity of Christ-like leadership and fruit of the Holy Spirit. I have

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