I am pleased to introduce to you Tina Wright, who recently was promoted to Senior Instructor status for SOM Witness Development Workshops. A Senior Instructor is someone who has become proficient to lead and coach in the Discussion Discipleship Workshops and Witness Development Evangelism Workshops. They have demonstrated maturity of Christ-like leadership and fruit of the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed Tina grow from timidity to confidence and from little knowledge of the Scriptures to an approved disciple who handles the Word of God correctly. I hope you are encouraged by her testimony and consider joining us in a future workshop.

David Witt


evangelism workshop testimony Tina Wright

From Timidity to Confidence
An Evangelism Workshop Testimony

Senior Instructor Tina Wright

I have been truly blessed to have come together with SOM. Through the workshops, my relationship with God has grown. I know that God loves me and has purpose for me, that is something I did not deeply know or understand until I found the power of His Word and my role as His disciple. All this became clearer to me through the Witness Development Workshops.

The Workshops helped me see that I can share the Word of God in a fun conversational way through His stories with everyone. 

The training helped me understand His Word and connect on a personal level, making them not only His testimony, but mine as well.

I remember a time where there was a couple arguing in a parking lot and I felt pulled to do something, to talk to them to see if I could offer help in anyway. The sadness to this is all I did was drive away and regret not doing anything.

I now know that all appointments are divine appointments from God and I know that that feeling is the Holy Spirit guiding me and the fear is gone as I now also know He strengthens me.

I went from a quite unsure Christian to what I am today. I witness to friends around the campfire, neighbors, co-workers and strangers.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a Senior Instructor with the SOM Workshops. Over the course of attending several Workshops, my personal relationship with God has grown. I now see God has purpose for me and He is giving me confidence and opportunities to help others in their journey.

The greatest feeling in the world is to know God and to know His love. I can’t imagine keeping this feeling all to myself! It is a feeling that everyone should get to know and experience. That is one of the reasons I love working with SOM, not only do we get to help in multiplying disciples, but also we are able to multiply knowing God’s love.

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