mexico medical brigade dentists flying in by plane

Dentists being flown in by Ultralight Aircraft

By SOM Mexico Staff

May 2019, the SOM Mexico Medical Team had the first medical brigade with the SOM Mexico team in the mountains in a small community in Mexico. Along with the team came two dentists and two nurses. Around 170 people were seen by the dentists from not only this area, but many other communities around the area. Some traveled days to get there in order to be seen. There were also two small group classes that were given. One to the youth by a nurse about suicide awareness and another by a nutritionist on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Every afternoon after people were seen by the doctors, a Bible study was held and people were invited to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. We also visited homes and gave out groceries to every family. It was truly a blessing for the whole team and we could see God’s hand throughout the Mexico medical brigade the whole time there.

It’s difficult to think that a person can experience God’s love through a dental extraction. I also didn’t imagine what God had in store for my life. A Facebook post was what made all the difference in my life. A friend tagged my name and although I was hesitant since my plans were not to spend money in the month of May (since I was saving for a trip to Spain in June), but His plans were others. There was a conviction and empathy in my heart to go to this unknown place, without knowing much about missions and without knowing anyone in the team. With just the Lord’s peace in my heart, I adventured unto this experience that came to give life to a bunch of dry bones. I was able to see that God’s plans are so much higher than my own. To see those people that walked for so many hours to receive dental attention, and to know that we could bless them that way, it really wasn’t just beneficial to them, just to feel so useful and to be an instrument for them to be able to experience God’s love.

mexico medical brigade dentist operatingOne hundred and fifty patients, I don’t know how that happened, but it did. It was my first time doing work like this and my first time flying in an ultralight. When I heard and saw all the needs that these people had, not just material needs, it touched my heart so very much. He prepared everything since the beginning, my heart, my work, the provision, even the people, the amazing team that made all this so much easier. I know that we will do this again with God’s help. Thanks to all the SOM Mexico team and everyone who made this marvelous act of love. To God be all the glory!

– Elizabeth

mexico medical brigade young girlIn one area, goodies and shoes were taken for the children. The purpose of the visit this past month was to arrange a missionary couple staying there temporarily. We thank the Lord that all the doors were open and next time we visit this area we will be leaving the couple there for a short period of time.

In the month of May, we were able to visit a new community. This community consists of approximately 150 people. It’s surrounded by many other small communities, which we hope to visit soon. We shared the Word with them and took some pantry items along with shoes and clothes. The people were very friendly and receptive to the Word of Christ. mexico medical brigade young boy