Evangelism Workshop Testimony

I am pleased to introduce to you Tina Wright, who recently was promoted to Senior Instructor status for SOM Witness Development Workshops.

Evangelism Workshop Testimony2019-05-15T15:14:38-07:00

Letter from SOM Partner

"During 2016 David and Pastor Singh passed through El Paso and we met and had a wonderful time of eating and prayer

Letter from SOM Partner2019-04-12T14:22:53-07:00

Celebrating Together!

Congratulations to Carol Smith  Senior Instructor Discussion Discipleship Method   Commendation from CEO - David Witt Carol has been an incredible blessing

Celebrating Together!2019-04-17T10:43:50-07:00

Witness Development Update

 Equipping Christians to Serve as Witnesses and Making Disciples   In January Spirit of Martyrdom partnered with Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Brentwood, CA to host a Discussion

Witness Development Update2019-07-31T08:07:46-07:00

Muslim Outreach Update

Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) are SOM teams reaching out to Muslims at mosques across America   I am greatly encouraged with the way the

Muslim Outreach Update2017-07-20T10:51:33-07:00