In the middle of January, two million Muslims gathered for the Bishwa Ijtema, one of the largest Muslim festivals in the world. Their focus was on prayer, unity, and the reciting of the Quran. The SOM Bangladesh team of witnesses courageously stepped out to share the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. The SOM Bangladesh Director has a huge heart for the people and reports, “We want to see more people come to Jesus.”

The team’s focus during the event was the distribution of the New Testament, Christian tracts, and Christian literature so many listeners could hear and believe the Word. “Some Muslims reject us. Some tear up our flyers. But praise God, there are some that receive us,” affirms our Director. “The Gospel is being shared and going forward.”

The workers who serve at this event risked themselves and their freedoms, knowing they are a lone voice against a barrage of noise rejecting Christ.

SOM Team Members Arrested

While working the event, two SOM Bangladesh workers faced Muslim fundamentalist threats and were arrested and jailed. By God’s grace they were later released.

The team built a bridge to Muslims, utilizing references in the Quran to Christ. Jesus, known as Issa in Muslim culture, is the only messenger of God given the title “Al-Masih,” meaning Messiah. Jesus is known for doing miracles in Muslim writings.

While Muslims do not honor Jesus as the Son of God, there’s been a significant turning of Muslims to Christ in recent years. The SOM Bangladesh team looks forward to the vast opportunity.

Pray that the flyers placed into the hands and hearts of Muslims impart faith and love as the people discover the power and authority of Jesus Christ.