Many of the communities the SOM Mexico team serves are in very remote areas, through difficult terrain.  They visited a recent village, consisting of twelve families, and the only access to medical attention or education is a five-hour hike through the difficult mountainous area, including crossing four rivers.

In order to meet their daily needs, they rely on the rainfall to grow their crops. We pray every year that rain would bring a fruitful crop, and that health could be abundant in such a rural and difficult area.

The work of cultivation to share the gospel has been ongoing.

God answers prayers – He has raised up two young men to disciple the small community. They are able to have weekly teachings about the Lord, so their faith and hope would increase in such difficult living situations.

We continue to reach out to areas like this one with food and with supplies to equip them with physical nourishment and with spiritual nourishment from the Word of God.