While working hard to teach the Word and serve in the sewing work, sewing workers in India are facing a new challenge. Police are increasing the number of interrogations among these workers to scrutinize and antagonize the work.

One of the SOM India regional leaders reported that a Sewing and Discipleship leader was recently stopped and questioned by police to find out how she learned the skill of sewing and where she received the sewing machine. Authorities are trying to learn more about the network and the sources behind it.

Another Sewing and Discipleship leader was praying for a sick woman right in her trade center, and an angry Hindu man said, “You are trading Jesus and not cloth!” He abused her and left. Since the attack, more villagers have approached her, asking for help with their problems.

Despite the opposition, the demand for SOM India sewing schools continues to increase. The SOM India administrator affirmed, “The opportunities to serve Jesus are great. Two states have requested fifty more sewing schools, and the increased persecution is increasing opportunities to build the Kingdom.”

Currently, the twenty-fifth class of Sewing and Discipleship leaders is equipping 270 women in twenty-seven schools, and the graduation is in November. In addition, 835 church planters are being trained and equipped. Pray for God’s hand to prepare all these workers for enduring and fruitful work. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support of the SOM India network and upcoming spring graduation.

How You Can Help

  • Purchase a Sewing Machine for a Lighthouse Graduate: $100
  • Purchase an Audio Bible: $10 each
  • Sponsor a Lighthouse Student: $40 a month