Aviation Ministry in Mexico Goes Further than Ever Before

Leading Like Christ Series By David Witt

Good leadership is founded on following first. The SOM Global directors are people who have bent their will to the will of Jesus first and to follow and to obey Him in all things. Christ-like leadership reflects true humility, which is not self-debasing nor self-exaltation; it is Christ-confidence. As children of Father in heaven, we identify in the Messiah, and therefore, we follow Jesus and His way. Today I highlight the SOM International Director of Mexico.  He oversees both the aviation ministry and the ministry on the ground in very remote, unreached parts of Mexico.

Humble, Bold Servant Leads SOM Mexico and it’s Aviation Ministry

Serving with the SOM International Director of Mexico in the remote mountains of Mexico has blessed me. This man is a talented pilot to whom I trust my life when I visit remote and forgotten tribal groups of the Sierra Madras. I have prayed with this leader and seen his tears for the lost and unreached of Mexico. I think of him and his Christ-like characteristics that rise to the top: gentleness, willingness to take risks, wisdom, versatility, and deep care for widows, orphans, and the needy. Overall, his love for others and family is readily evident. His gracious humility is ever-present.

Last year, I joined the SOM International Director of Mexico on a Cessna aircraft flight to a location near the base of the mountains. On the first day, we took a heavy-duty four-wheel-drive vehicle to the cartel-controlled area of the mountains. For three hours, we traversed on gravel, dirt, boulder roads, ridges, and valleys, and crossed streambeds, the vehicle and our bodies rocking the whole way. Our destination included one Christian family living in a hostile tribal village.

Encouragement for Persevering Gospel Laborers

Months before, the village elders had threatened the wife and family we met, saying, “If you keep telling others about your Jesus, we will string you up just like they crucified your Jesus.” Despite being shaken, this family decided to stay and persevere for the Lord. The SOM International Director of Mexico discerned that this family needed our encouragement. Our visit with the family lasted for about four hours until we needed to head back on the three-hour drive to our base.

We heaped love on them with words of affirmation appreciation and told them about the sufferings for Christ of other believers around the world. In addition, we prayed for them, and they served us a meal out of their merger resources. At the end of the visit, the members of all ten households we visited had smiles on their faces, and we sensed peace over the home. We delivered food and supplies to over 700 families in other villages during the rest of the days.

This visit exemplifies the heart of the SOM International Director of Mexico, who is also a good teacher of the Word of God. This man is a brilliant, natural leader, a quick learner, and a past successful businessman and entrepreneur. Certainly, he could have taken other paths in life that led to more power, money, and ease.

The Self-Sacrificing Choice

My friend chooses to use his resources and skills to follow Christ and bring Christ’s hope. In all this, the SOM International Director of Mexico reflects Christ-like humility.

  • He does not think twice about taking a day and sacrificing much to visit one family deep in the mountains.
  • Generosity defines his character as he is quick to share all he has with others.
  • He is gracious to lavish assistance upon the most needed.
  • Furthermore, he is gentle with the weak and hurting.

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you shall find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:29 NASB). Here Matthew records one of the few descriptions we have of Christ’s heart. He tells us that Jesus’ heart is gentle and humble, and the outcome of Jesus’ nature is rest and peace for people.

My intimate friendship with the SOM International Director of Mexico has helped me experience the humility and gentleness of Jesus. I praise God for our partnership with him, an effective Christ-like leader bringing the Word of God to hard-to-reach tribal mountain areas.

Please Continue to Pray for SOM’s Aviation Ministry and SOM Mexico

Please continue to pray for this outreach, aviation ministry, our dear brother, his wife, and fellow workers he directs. Pray for protection over his travels, as God has given him the vision to press deeper into the tough territory.