Venezuelan Economy Collapsing

Twenty-five years ago, some of my Colombian pastor friends, thinking that their Venezuelan counterparts were too proud and arrogant, were fond of stating in no uncertain terms that the neighboring country was due for a healthy reality check.

This was when Venezuela was one of the most prosperous countries globally, with its per capita income in the top ten nations worldwide before 2 million percent inflation hit. Now, per capita income is similar to Uganda’s, and the economy is still going down.

Venezuelan Economy is Triggering a Religious Upheaval to Take Place

Meanwhile, a religious upheaval is taking place. Several dangerous heresies, somewhat prevalent in the Western world, have been unmasked and virtually eliminated. I’m talking about what some call the prosperity gospel and its false prophets. Some of its perpetrators have fled the country and left the sheep to starve. Others have entered into profound repentance.

There is, however, widespread evidence that amid dire economic necessity, the evangelical church is being tremendously prospered spiritually.

Tribal People Desirous of More Bibles

Members of the Piaroa and Sikuani tribes relate incredible testimonies of God’s protection and provision as they have survived by hunting, fishing, and eating wild yucca. We have recently been part of sending 20,000 Piaroa Bibles. We thought this would be enough to give a Bible to every believer over age twelve, but I just found out that there is a need for another 15,000!

The Piaroa tribe consists of about 100,000 people, of which at least a third are children. The Sikuani tribe of 200,000 is also experiencing a great need for the Word of God. In addition, we need more Galcom solar radios. We appreciate your prayers for these urgent needs. 

Leaders Turning to Jesus During this Downturn in the Venezuelan Economy

In many churches, the young people are on fire for the Lord. As remarkable testimonies continue to pour in, we are highly motivated to continue our radio broadcasts and provide as many books as possible. This is God’s time for Venezuela.

If the nation does not wholeheartedly repent, the only other alternative is violence and war, which is a bloodbath.

The Impact of the Revival Could be Widespread

Suppose the revival in Venezuela does not falter. In that case, we think this will eventually have a tremendous effect on virtually all the other Latin countries and positively affect millions of Latins in the United States.

Words cannot describe the dynamics and quality of the Venezuelan Christians. Many have gone through the fire of adversity and have come out as pure gold. At the same time, others are still being processed. Your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated.