Touched by Jesus and the Power of the Gospel

Bangladesh Sewing School is ThankfulI was born into a Roman Catholic family, but I didn’t know Jesus as my Savior. My husband is a church planter graduate from SOM Bangladesh.  In April 2020, my husband explained to me how I could learn about Jesus as my Savior. He also discussed that I am a sinner, and Jesus has taken my sin by dying on the cross for me.  He shared how, without Jesus, I can’t go to heaven, but the gift of God is eternal life. Then I received Jesus Christ as my Savior; I have given my life to Jesus. I love Jesus. I have peace and joy in my life that I have never found before.

Furthermore, the Bible has touched my life.  By studying and learning these verses, I am learning how to submit myself to Jesus (John 1:12; 14:6, Acts 4:12, Romans 3:23, 6:23). Praise the Lord. I am receiving your sewing and discipleship training. I now have an audio Bible with so many Christian worship songs and teachings in my tribal language.

Grateful to the SOM Family

At last, I am so happy.  I am grateful to Jesus. Thank you to our SOM USA family for all of your help and support. You are doing a lot for our tribal people. Now, I am also trying to bring other ladies to Jesus. Please keep praying for our tribe and me that we may worship Jesus and love him more and more.

Thankful for Goats, Sewing Machines, and Resources for Our Church Family

The SOM Bangladesh Director is praising God for the Lord providing twelve goats for our leaders. Please continue to pray for our new sewing ladies to grow more in the Lord. We are praying for funds to begin new church planting schools starting in January. We desire the church planters to grow in leadership as they build up house churches to multiply across the country. Please pray for our SOM Bangladesh team to impact lives for the gospel.

Thank you for your continued prayers of endurance and protection as we reach out despite the pandemic.