Sewing Faith into Villagers 

Testimony of Hope from Sewing/Discipleship School Student

Because of knowing faith in the Lord as my Savior since my early teen years, I have faced severe persecution in my own home.

My parents desired to undermine my faith and arrange a marriage to a Hindu man. For ten years, this man mistreated me. Sometimes after returning from a house church meeting, my husband would not allow me to eat food or share the same bedroom. He expressed much hatred towards me.

His anger continued as he felt embarrassment over me not agreeing with the Hindu faith. He began to behave abnormally and one day I found him dead in our home.

The village accused my Jesus of killing him

Suddenly, raising two little children was my full responsibility. The villagers would mock and mistreat me. Similarly, my life became difficult, but my faith and belief in Jesus continued to grow stronger amidst the persecution. The Lord spoke to me with His sweet voice that He planned for me to be a witness in the village.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8 came alive in my life and challenged me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I experienced the fullness of the Spirit and the heavy burden of the lost was laid on my heart for the village.

Over the years I prayed for a teaching missionary to come to our village.

The Lord heard my prayers and one day a church planter visited my village. He had been praying to reach this area for Christ. I welcomed him into our home and we began to pray. He invited broken, sick, and hurting people to join us in my home for prayer.

Bangladeshi Sewing School Builds Faith

The Lord began to work in healing the physical and spiritual illnesses of many in my community. My home became crowded with people seeking the Lord.

I was living by faith. I felt a need to reach more people in the village. The church planter encouraged me to join the Sewing Discipleship School. This training provided a new way for me to be effective in witnessing while making a living for my family.

There are 30-40 villages in my region that are needing the gospel.