Man from India Isolated at Work For His Faith

Firstly, a man from India shares, “All the men had to leave our village. Work could not be found. Without work, there’s no way to provide for my family.”

As a group of Hindu men

We moved far away to an industrial area for unskilled labor work and began to work in the stone cutting industry. In addition, the industry located in a very unhealthy and unclean environment and the air is very polluted.  Eventually, I felt sick frequently. During this time I became deeply lonely from being away from my family.  That is to say, my family was literally starving, waiting for my income. Meanwhile, I was very troubled and depressed from having to live thousands of miles away from my family.

India man was cast off for sickness

Consequently, I fell sick, was not able to work and did not receive food and medical care.  As a result, the industry management put me far away in a forested area as soon as I fell sick. Nobody came out to check on me. Hungry, scared and alone.

No one knew he was a believer

A Christian man came to our industry with food and water, coming and going regularly. Our manager is a hard and difficult man. The manager surprised all of us by letting him in to visit.

Christian men handed out the food and water. He talked with the workers. One of the SOM leaders came to me and began to talk with me. He shared the love of Jesus and the power of healing in Jesus’ name. I never heard the gospel.

The power of Jesus made man from India brand new

I had been living in fear of death, loneliness and deep pain in my heart. The power of Jesus instantly restored my strength! Jesus is my only Lord and Savior. I walked back to the industry for work and surprised my fellow laborers.

I was able to express my love and gratitude to Jesus, I began to pray and felt much love for the Christian man. Some of my fellow workers started to hate and persecute me because of my new faith in Christ. They did not allow me to eat with them or take part in cooking.  They put the food on a plate at a distance.

My own people in the industry boycotted me and said all kinds of evil things against me.  I felt the need for love and fellowship with other Christian people in the industrial area. The villages where the Christians live are far away and transportation is not available.  I longed to be with them.

A few times I slipped away for fellowship with other Christians. However, this is a difficult place to be, but the Lord has called me to stay here for now.

Keep India saturated in prayer

Most importantly, there are more than 200 industries in this area with no Christian influence.  Please pray for more workers to be raised up in the urban industries for the sake of the gospel.  Invest in equipping our house church-planting network to start new churches among the isolated.