Indian church planters pursue expelled migrants laborers

The fruit of their labor Indian church planters frequently minister to migrant laborers. The migrants are living under tarps on the outskirts of villages. Police forced one migrant family to move further away from the village. The authorities came and burnt down all of their belongings, including their tarp house and even their warm clothes, which they needed for covering in the cold weather, chilling them to the bone. They could not even beg for their daily food because of being forced out of all the neighboring villages.

During a recent visit, the father shared with the Indian church planter,

“The Christians spoke politely to us and showed us how much they cared. They spoke to the locals in the village on our behalf. The authorities kept us out of the village, but the Christians persisted, providing us hot food, clean water, and clothes. When we received a new tarp, three other migrant families joined us. After several months of receiving help, our spirits rose, and we received strength and encouragement to live together as a community.


One day, they sat close by and shared the gospel of Jesus and how much He cared and loved us. The leaders encouraged us by sharing how Jesus took all our sin and took death in our place. What a difference the Lord has made for us.  Once isolated, removed, and shamed by our own country, it was the Christians who truly cared for us and came close to love us dearly. In these freezing days, the Christians covered us with blankets, and Jesus covered us with His love.”