My name is Dabak and I grew up in a strong Hindu home. My life was transformed five years ago. I am now involved in full time ministry.

In India, there is a village totally dominated with a belief system where people think they can experience potential and strength in them if they do a lot of chanting, meditation and mind tricks. The major chanting system is influenced from Buddhism and Hinduism. People are practicing both.  They practice various chanting’s for various things, such as family life, children, peace, rearing animals, protection from evil and cursing their enemies whom they do not like. They tell mythological fairytales and discuss them in their homes.

They have fear and respect for the words they chant and often the village people are gripped with fear of each other’s curses. Many of the village people claim they are victims to the chanting’s of their neighbors and that is why they get sick, receive curses, their crops don’t bear fruit, they have failure in life and struggles with family members. It was a very dark village when I entered it and I was brokenhearted to see the village people so lost. The religious spirit and the people’s way of life were filled with superstitious systems and mind tricks.

In my deep burden, I began to talk to the people and try to build relationships. It was difficult to associate with these people because their hearts were so hardened. One man began to chant and speak peace and progress over me, I really appreciated that, but my heart was in deep sorrow and pain because I wanted to tell him the truth about Jesus.

I began talking to him about the Word of God and told him that truth is a person and not just some information. I told him how Jesus was God incarnate in the flesh and through receiving Jesus you can have peace and eternal life. It was something, which differed from his way of life, but he began to think quite seriously about it. My constant relationship with him gradually convinced him to believe truth is a person and Jesus is the truth and he gave his life to Jesus.

The Lord began to stir the hearts of the people in this village and many people are free from the cultic chanting practices and now regular Christian meetings are going on in this village. Praise the Lord!

The new believers deeply love the Word of God and are hungry to learn more. They chant and recite God’s Word, instead of the cultic chanting’s and they are experiencing the great empowerment of the Holy Spirit. For everything in their daily life, they believe in and use the Word of God to help them. Instead of cursing each other, they take the Word of God and bless each other.

How great is our God! When we empower someone with the Word of God by discipling and training them, God can move in miraculous ways.