In Bangladesh, an Imam carries great honor and respect. (An Imam is an Islamic leader over an entire community of Muslims worshiping at a mosque.) Below is a story of a former Islamic leader who now shepherds Jesus’ flock.

When I was a child, several Christian workers reached out to our family by their example of care. They served our community and provided many items of support such as a small metal house, some goats, cows, and even blankets. They also distributed tracts and booklets, with information about the Lord.

The Christian workers shared important Bible verses with me like John 14:6, Matthew 11:28, John 3:16, and 1 John 5:13. Jesus spoke powerfully to me through His Word and impacted me greatly.

With joy, I received Jesus as my personal Savior. Jesus has totally forgiven me. He has given me the authority to be His son.

When I received Jesus, many of my own brothers and relatives wanted to kill me. My own family was afraid that if I lived the Christian life, other Muslim people would change their religion. Two times our adversaries broke my legs, and many times they beat me. I continue to share the hope of Christ. Many times, Jesus miraculously saved me from fanatical Muslim people. I have been working with SOM Bangladesh for many years to preach the Good News. We are working with determination to bring many Muslim people into His kingdom.

Praise God for the new Muslim background believers who have accepted Christ. These believers face persecution, but still grow in faith. We are proud to stand by them to provide some relational and financial support.

Please continue to pray for many people to know Jesus during these troubling times.

Would you pray for encouragement and support for the leaders in Bangladesh?

Prayer Requests —

  1. To continue to develop leaders for our Church Planting Schools.
  2. The women in our Sewing/Discipleship Schools.
  3. For our families in Bangladesh during this season of COVID-19. (Many people lack accessibility to general medical care.)