Religion to Relationship – A Hindu Transformed to Christ 

My name is Khash, and I was born into a very religious Hindu family. Our region was very dark and filled with strong cultic belief systems and opposition against the true gospel and followers of Jesus Christ.

For generations, our people believed various; complicated Hindu practices. The whole country is filled with a large number of Hindu devotees that were drawn nationally and internationally from our subcontinent in India. Tens of thousands of people are under the control of such a great force of darkness and people are being destroyed because of the lack of knowledge of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was lost in sin and totally confused in my life. I believed one of the Hindu guru’s in our region had all the truth for human life. I kept a close watch of him and began to practice the guru’s advised principles. I placed the statue of the guru in my room and decorated the room with pictures of all sorts of gods and goddesses and began to fast and meditate for a whole week believing that some power would come and touch me. After a week, nothing happened, and I was outraged and got dissatisfied and broke the statue of the guru and tore up all the pictures of the gods and goddesses. I felt ashamed and guilty thinking that the guru deceived me and I believed something that did not work.

The following week, I was so upset with my life that I did not want to talk to anybody. I did not want to eat food. I ran away to solitary places, I couldn’t sleep and I was filled with fear. My parents thought I was losing my temper and going mad so they tried to consult the guru whom I was following, and that very guru performed a chanting ritual and proclaimed peace and blessings on me. Nothing happened, and the guru left saying, “I need a higher power to calm down the evil on your son and free him.” My parents got more suspicious about the guru and that very week a church planter was walking in my village sharing the gospel and praying for the people.

My parents knew the church planter, but never talked to him or invited him to our house. However, the same day my father stopped the pastor right in front of our house and asked him to come into our home. I was screaming and shouting at him and burst with anger, but he remained quiet. He sang a song and prayed, “Jesus take control of this situation.” Within minutes, I was calm and sat down.

With a great smile, he shared about Jesus having the power over the entire universe and how He is the true guru and Master.

He asked, “Would you like to believe in the blood of Jesus to cleanse you from all your guilt and sin and fill you with unspeakable peace and joy?” Those few words pierced my heart, and this was the first time someone told me about the blood of Jesus. I was closing my eyes and felt as if Jesus was shedding his blood right beside me and for me. The pastor led me in a confession prayer, and I renounced my false belief system, and he led me in a personal salvation prayer. In early 2016, I surrendered my life to Jesus. I was filled with great joy and excitement.

I became a peaceable normal person and Christ became the lover of my soul. My heart was thrilled knowing Christ became the true Master of my life. My transformation led my parents to surrender their lives to Christ as well and together we became a new family. We used to pay homage to the idols as a family, but now we worship Jesus Christ together.

Our neighbors and other village people noticed that we were not attending any Hindu temple activities and they kept a close eye on us.

I received a lot of persecution from the neighbors and strong Hindu village people, but the joy I received from Jesus was strongly at work in my family and me. 

While we were having a family time of prayer, the Lord began to stir my heart to serve him and be a kingdom worker.

As I prayed for three months, I felt God calling me for His ministry. I felt the need to undergo ministry training. As a result of my prayers, God orchestrated the details for me to be equipped and trained in ministry and the Word of God.

Please pray for me, my family and for the lost in my village and surrounding villages who need Jesus.