Bible Distribution

Bible Distribution

This month’s update comes via a letter from Santiago, a Canadian partner with SOM International who supports the work in South America.

I have known Russell’s family for about forty years—since I lived in South America. As an engineer, I worked with petroleum companies. However, in 2000, after feeling the guerrillas’ pressure for several years, my family and I decided to move to Canada. I have known about the Gospel since I was twenty-seven when I received the Lord in my heart. When we decided to leave South America, many judged me for abandoning the “boat.”

Furthermore, I really admire the work many foreign missionaries have done in Latin America and the whole world. Still, I did not have the strength to do it for my country. I was thinking the best for my family. I hope my country’s people forgive me.

Motivated to Help

In 2011, during a conversation with Russell about a project in Africa, he mentioned an opportunity to assist from Canada. Consequently, I started helping and felt peace, knowing that despite being in Canada, I could participate in God’s work in a little way.

Particularly, I have heard about the different projects in Latin America, spreading the Gospel through radio stations, Bibles, and the free distribution of Christian literature among all kinds of people involved in the hard conflict my country has experienced for many years. Additionally, I especially enjoyed hearing about the work with tribes and others who have received the Bible translated into their languages. I cannot omit the incredible work of thousands of translators who have dedicated their lives to translating the Bible into hundreds of languages. I have always wanted to visit them and experience the reality of this work.

Then, the opportunity came in January. First, we traveled to South America. This time, I felt no worries, even though my country still has many public order problems. I rested in the Lord’s protection. Although I was afraid to do long road trips due to hip pain, I was amazed to feel well, even though we drove a long way on unpaved roads.

Moved to Love

Meeting our dear brothers and sisters from several remote tribes was an emotional experience—especially hearing how many had traveled for more than six days by foot, boat, and car to arrive at the convention place. Furthermore, most had journeyed from neighboring countries. I also was deeply moved when seeing them sleep in the outside forest in hammocks and cook and share their meals. Others praised the Lord through hymns and Christian songs until very late and started very early during the days we met together.

I felt from my heart to tell them that here on earth, as sinners, we emphasize so much discrimination among us, despising the poor, the weak, and the illiterate. One day, by the Lord’s mercy, we, the children of God, will be the same in glory, having a glorious body given by God, and there will not be more of this horrible separation. Therefore, we, all the children of God, will enjoy His presence as one in Him, all involved in the love that only God can dispense to us through His Holy Spirit.

Mobilized to Serve

I also had the opportunity to travel to visit a Christian community that has been under development for more than ten years. Initially, they were rejected by their own people for being Christians. They lived without a place outside in the forest for several years. Nevertheless, with the help of many believers around the world, the missions organization bought land and helped the indigenous people get established there and start planting to try to become self-sufficient.

Furthermore, all the work developed by the community is incredible. They have plantations that provide for their own consumption, and each family participates in the communal work. There are houses and a library built with bricks and concrete. However, the community still lacks a proper sewage system, roads, and adequate school and church buildings, which are still made of wood.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Education has recognized the school as one of the best, based on the students’ abilities demonstrated on tests.


With all your continuous support and prayers, we are asking the Lord to reach more than 100,000 from one group of tribal people and more than 1,000,000 of another group who live around Latin America. Our first goal is to provide them with the Word of God in their language, and then guide the people toward economic self-sufficiency.

In conclusion, may our dear Lord Jesus continue blessing His beautiful family around the world!


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