Global Ambassador Feature

Highlighting a Global Ambassador and an activity they have planned and executed.

This month’s GA Feature is Connector and Advocate Mike, Florida.

Mike attended a Florida Wise Counsel Boot Camp. We hope you are challenged and inspired by his report.

Global Ambassador Mike

JAX Annual Wise Counsel Boot Camp Report

Recently, I reserved an exhibitor table to represent SOM and secured a table for four guests, three of whom had previously seen The Parish of the Pines at the pre-theater screening.

At the start, Wise Counsel CEO John had each attendee introduce and say something about themselves, business, ministry, family—whatever. So, in a nutshell, I began with SOM’s mission statement and areas of partnership. Then I shared Russell Stendal’s and Albert’s role in the end of the Colombian civil war with the next-stage focus in Latin America and Bible distribution (holding high a Jubilee Bible), and I mentioned the new movie premiere on the heels of the widely-seen La Montana. If they wanted more info, they could visit the table.

To my utter surprise, the whole room broke out in applause!

Next my table guest Mike talked about his ministry of distribution of the Jubilee Bible to pastors in the Dominican Republic. Then the last table guest, Russell, finished by sharing about his having read ALL of Russell Stendal’s books that he was aware of and how they impacted his life and ministry.

Conference speaker Bill and his wife were very interested in what was happening in Latin America. Bill had previously taken a team of top-level Christian NBA basketball players to Colombia in 2009 to play the Colombian national team and share their faith publicly.

As the coach, Bill wants to talk to Russell Stendal about possibly taking a team there again. Listening to his testimony and seeing his background, transparency, and heart, I can see why Bill has endeared himself to all those NBA players. I thought of Frank Higgins as I listened to him.