Global Ambassador Feature

Highlighting a Global Ambassador and an activity they have planned and executed.

This month’s GA Feature is Advocate Terry, Arizona.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our persecuted family by doing simple things in our everyday lives. We hope you are inspired by Terry’s simplicity and heart!

Finding Her Jerusalem, Judea, and Ends of the Earth

Terry was on a trip to visit family and friends. While reading David Witt’s book Fearless Love on the plane, Terry chatted with the man beside her. She soon discovered that he was a Muslim. Using Fearless Love as inspiration, she talked to him for the rest of the flight – four hours. At a crucial point in the conversation, Terry said, “Jesus empowers us to be who we are in His image.” She gave him an SOM International newsletter.

After arriving at her destination, she attended a friend’s birthday party. The subject of her upcoming birthday arose. Terry told the group, “The best gift you can give me is donating Bibles for Venezuela.” She also told them about the women involved in Lighthouse sewing microbusinesses. “Sometimes people don’t know how to help the persecuted church,” she remarked. Terry’s words touched her friends, and they responded generously.

One woman said, “Well, don’t you think people need other things more than Bibles?"

Terry responded, “The people need spiritual and physical food. The government is allowing Bibles into Venezuela because they see the benefit.”

Terry received donations from many people. Terry explained, “Some of my friends and family liked the idea of providing a business, so they gave to the women in India by donating sewing machines.” Terry was very touched by the gracious response she received. “I was overcome.”

Terry enjoys giving out SOM newsletters to whomever she meets. “I load them up with materials.” She smiled.

Terry indicated that she has found meaning and purpose in her life as she naturally lives out being a GA Advocate in her “Jerusalem, Judea, and to the ends of the earth.”