Global Ambassador Feature

Highlighting a Global Ambassador and an activity they have planned and executed.

This month’s GA Feature is Disciplers Larry and Janet, Kentucky.

It all started with an SOM International discipleship workshop! Now, Larry and Janet continue making a difference through a Bible study that includes a weekly testimony of the persecuted church and offerings toward global ministry.

(Photo: The Discipleship Storying Class in Kentucky)

Discipleship for All Ages Has Global Impact

In 2015, Larry and Janet invited SOM International to conduct a discipleship workshop at their church. The workshop was well attended, and the Holy Spirit worked powerfully in many hearts. Particularly in small groups, the Word of God moved members to tears. It was common for groups to stop and pray for individual needs.

After the workshop, the people wanted to continue deep discipleship in God’s Word. Despite feeling ill-prepared, Larry and Janet spearheaded a weekly Bible study that has met for the last seven years as of this writing.

This Bible study is unique in several ways. Over the years, attendance has varied from 12 to 20 people ranging in age from 12 years to 75 years old. Every member takes turns teachingEvery week, they share a testimony of the persecuted church and take an offering for the global work.

Here is a recent end-of-year report from Larry and Janet:

We are grateful for this year (number seven) of classes, with new folks ready to join us when we start up again in 2024.

We told them at a recent meeting that we are a far cry from how we first learned this, but two of the group members said, “We consider this our Bible study: the best, most effective we have ever had.” We had to cancel two classes in October, as many of our group were involved in community activities and fundraising for various ministries.

We love you folks and so appreciate all you are doing globally.

—Larry and Janet and the Owensboro DDM Class