My name is Mahima and I was born into a fundamental Hindu family who worshipped many gods. We believed Bulk-calf was the gatekeeper for Siva, one of our gods who represents victory. We made the Bulk-calf out of mud at our home to worship.

Each morning I would face the sun to show my honor and devotion to the sun god. For many years, I believed facing the sun god would bless me and my day. My parents believed that the sun god would also sanctify and bless my marriage.

Mahima used to worship the sun god. Today, she worships God Almighty and the true Light of Jesus Christ shines throughout her life!

Mahima’s Old Life

My husband worked long hours cleaning and oiling machinery. The workshop was very dirty and had no proper sanitation. In 2012, he got a blood infection and was sick for several months with no proper medical care. Over time, the fever reached his brain and made him lose control. People were scared to even be near him for fear of getting sick. Somehow the fever passed, but my husband still had no control of his mind and would act out. He would sometimes remove his clothes and walk outside, break kitchen utensils, destroy belongings in the home, and cause trouble to the neighbors. I would cry daily as my marriage was so broken and my husband was very ill.

I would worship all different gods in hope for healing over my husband. There was no answer to my struggle and I was alone. My life was at its worst and I cried deep down in my heart for my husband.

Mahima’s Salvation

One day, a Christian man prayed for my husband on the street. When my husband came home he was changed. It was truly surprising for all of us and it touched my heart with great joy. We began to learn more about Christ who healed my husband. It was like a typhoon of joy came into our hearts as we expressed sorrow and repentance of our sins.

I told my family of our new found faith in Christ and we were rejected and kicked out of the home. We became homeless with no work and began to live by faith, but our new found joy was overflowing. Our greatest need was to find a Christian fellowship and work. Our spiritual journey began by faith and the Lord provided a job for my husband as a watchman. We came across a Christian fellowship with prayer and Bible study. The first time I visited the fellowship they welcomed me with great love and joy. Each one shared their testimony and I had the opportunity to talk about the story of my husband and how we gave our lives to Jesus. Though our monthly income was very low, being able to regularly pray and study the Bible with fellow believers meant more than anything else.

Facing Persecution

One of my family members began to persecute us and spread lies against us because we professed our Christian faith publicly. A witch doctor tried to kill my husband and said we brought shame upon the family for accepting Christ. As the persecution intensified, so did our witness for Christ. God gave me a hunger in my heart to know Him more and make Him known with a bold witness. One night in prayer, God called me to serve Him.


Later when I went to the Christian fellowship, they were filled with excitement that my call to serve God was the answer to their prayers. They shared stories and equipped me as a bold witness to share the gospel with others. The Holy Spirit empowered me to plant seeds for Christ in various villages.

Thank you for praying for my husband and I as we continue to live for Christ and serve Him. Our heart is to see lost people saved and the unreached people given the hope, love and light of Christ to shine in their hearts.