refugees fleeing from Myanmar

Refugees fleeing Myanmar arrive in Bangladesh. Photo credit: Patrick Brown /UNICEF

Global Alliance Condemns Myanmar’s Military Regime’s “Total Disregard” for Freedom of Religion or Belief

The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP), an international coalition of Christian organizations, released a Statement this week on Myanmar. In fact, the group condemned the illegal coup of last February by the military. They expressed deep concern about the suppression of any perceived threat to their power, including religious communities and religious leaders.

“We watched with uneasiness the gross violation of human rights and freedoms ensuing from the military-led coup of February 2021. We wanted to express our concern with the deterioration of religious freedom or belief in Myanmar”, said Floyd Brobbel, CEO of Voice of the Martyrs, Canada and newly named Chairman of the RLP. “This statement reflects our collective call for action. We anticipate that law and order and good governance will be restored and maintained. Further, we are encouraging the global church to pray that all citizens of Myanmar enjoy the freedom to worship openly. Above all without abuse, and that their human rights are protected and enhanced.”

Crowd in Thailand protest to United Nations to stop coup

Protesters in front of the United Nations in Bangkok hope to stop the coup in Myanmar. Photo credit: teera.noisakran /

United Statement Calls for Expedited Action

Likewise, the RLP Statement on Myanmar applauds the efforts of the National Unity Government (NUG) in promoting a secular constitution and equal rights for all peoples of every religion and all ethnicities.  Clearly, the statement advocates for the international community to recognize the NUG as the legitimate representatives of the people of Myanmar. It also urges the international community to lead efforts for a global arms embargo against the military in Myanmar.  Including imposing further targeted sanctions against the military and military-owned enterprises. Also, there are calls for the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council to escalate and intensify high-level diplomatic efforts to end the crisis and restore democracy in Myanmar.

“The RLP describes itself as a collaborative effort of Christian organizations from every continent. The focus is on religious liberty for all,” said Brian F. O’Connell, Global Facilitator of the RLP. “The RLP Statement on Myanmar, has many signers from organizations in Europe and North America, but also from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific. Overall the collective reflects geographical diversity and demonstrates the breadth of international support for the people of Myanmar and their human rights.”


Protesters gathered by the hundreds of thousands in one of Myanmar’s largest demonstrations against the country’s illegal military coup.

SOM International, USA CEO David Witt signed the saying…

“Jesus states that the way the least people are treated so He is treated. Our solidarity, prayer and support for the people of Myanmar is our way of serving Jesus. Join us today.”