Braving Danger to Deliver Bibles, Books and Radios for Venezuelans

mission field workers risk much for the Gospel to cross Venezuela border

Nearly 1400 miles border Columbia and Venezuela, where mission field workers risk much for the Gospel

Mission field workers are risking much to bring the gospel to the people of Venezuela. First, the border between Colombia and Venezuela has officially been closed for over two years. While the border extends some 2,219 kilometers from the Caribbean Sea to Brazil. Also, the border passes through sterile deserts, rugged mountains, grassland prairie, and the mighty Orinoco River, which has numerous large tributaries on either side.

Indeed, the border is a haven for dangerous guerrilla insurgents, illegal paramilitary forces, drug traffickers. Virtually there high risk of encountering every imaginable type of smuggler. Years ago, luxury items and cheap gasoline used to flow from prosperous Venezuela into war-torn Colombia.

In contrast, today the situation has reversed as basic items, including gasoline, food, and soap, flow from Colombia into devastated Venezuela. Also, there is a market for used tires and even used engine oil.

Desperation Mounts. Risk Much for the Gospel. Yet God is Opening Countless Doors.

In fact, food is now so scarce in Venezuela that people slice up banana peels and corn husks to make soup. Even so, an enterprising soul was making popsicles out of lentils. As a rule, staples such as rice, sugar, and cooking oil are increasingly hard to come by. While many malnourished people are seen on the streets and medicine is in short supply.

Our ministry continues to provide the distribution of essential food items, water supplies, and transportation support. Radio towers experiencing difficulties are repaired and restored to service.

people gathered showing bibles

People of Venezuela showing their new Bibles.

Altogether, the most sought-after item, however, is the Bible. Especially, since there have been no printings of Bibles or serious import of Bibles for over twenty years. All the same, during the past five years, the Venezuelan church has almost tripled to well over one-third of the population. Virtually all of these millions of new Christians, along with many leaders, have no Bible. Calling many mission field workers to risk much for the gospel. If this massive revival stays on track spiritually, it will change the course of history.

Venezuelans elated to receive a new Bible

Venezuelans elated to receive a new Bible

Scarce: Bibles, Books, Children’s Materials, and Solar Radios Greatly Needed

Even so, the children are extremely receptive. Defying the challenges, we have emptied our warehouse and sent our entire inventory of Bibles and other materials to Venezuela. Our goal is to provide two million Bibles. Our goal also includes an appropriate amount of Bible stories for children. Also, solar radios are locked onto our frequencies with audio Bibles on board. Right now, we are about one-tenth of the way toward achieving these goals. To conclude, we will continue to seize every opportunity to give Bibles to the people of Venezuela.



Bible for Delivery to Venezuela

Above all, keep praying for the continuing resources to meet the overwhelming practical needs as we distribute Bibles.

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Thanks so much for your support. Venezuela will never be the same.