Report: Mission Fields in Northwest Africa

God is doing wonderful things in our lives! The Northwest Africa Director reports: “The church planting schools are doing fantastic! I just came back from leadership training for the Church Planting School and Lighthouse School leaders. 

We are so thankful.

Soon, we will have another leadership training in Northwest Africa. Likewise, each month, we bring all the leaders to one place and deliver 4-5 days of training. This way, they are prepared for the month, and then they return for more training the following month.

As a result, this process is very helpful. Similarly, we see a lot of fruit because even during the training, there is ongoing outreach. In fact, in the afternoons and evenings, the leaders share the gospel in the neighboring villages and baptize believers. Truly God is doing amazing things.”

Northwest Africa Leaders are even stepping up to lead.

“Often, I like to encourage our leaders in Northwest Africa that there was a time many years ago, I could count all the believers across the country. The Lord has blessed us so much that I do not even personally know all the leaders or believers in our own network. House churches are starting in places that I have never been.”

One of our leaders reports.

Moreover, the students of the Church Planting School in Northwest Africa have led over 200 people to Christ. Also, they are ministering in the villages. Faithfully, the Lord continues to provide for our ministry as we are expanding and spreading leaders throughout the regions.

Please pray for many North West African leaders to be raised up in the region.

Also, pray for wisdom for the leaders as they continue to expand the network.

We ask for prayer for courage and endurance for our leaders to press forward.