Church Planter Plowing Fields
by Motorcycle in
Northwest Africa

Part of a Church Planter’s life in Africa is plowing his field. Most church planters in this region are farmers.  Because he lacks a horse, he is able to use his motorcycle, which was given to him for ministry, to plow the fields. This church planter, in particular, uses his “motorcycle-plow” on both the ground and the soil of his neighbor’s hearts. His passion is planting the Word of God in unreached villages; his provision is the land. One core value of SOM International is assisting with tools for reproduction.

SOM International provides tools that increase discipleship multiplication. Instead of buying bus tickets to remote villages, we provide a motorcycle. All these tools are leverage for community transformation by a strong witness of Jesus Christ. SOM International serves leaders who risk much for Jesus in Northwest Africa with bicycles, seeds for planting, funding for sewing machines, discipleship training for widows, and church planting schools.

“The seed that fell on the good soil is the man who hears
the Word of God and understands it.”  (Matthew 13:23)

Please pray for the work in Northwest Africa. If you want to join
SOM International in providing tools, click here.