India Church Planting Schools Graduate 20th Class

Amazingly, at the end of April, the ministry in the SOM India planting network graduated the 20th class of church planters in 20 schools throughout the country. Furthermore, six hundred church planters and two hundred Lighthouse Sewing/Discipleship school workers also graduated for a total of 800 new workers.

Above all, praise Jesus for His powerful work…

Sadly, the second wave of wave of COVID outbreaks is leaving the country reeling.

Even so, the ministry in India reports the threat of COVID shakes the whole country. Thousands in India are losing their lives. Fear and turmoil are filling the cities and towns.

In addition, one of the house church family members stated that his wife stopped breathing in the middle of the night.  Alone in his little house in a remote village, he began singing. Admittedly, he was concerned about making noises in the Hindu village. He sang and prayed to God in heaven.  Clearly, he thought she was gone, but instead, he literally prayed for God to breathe on her with new life. Miraculously, in fact,  She awakened!

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the lost and hurting across India.