Discipleship Schools Flourish in North Africa

In mid-June, the North Africa church planting schools graduated 209 students! In this country’s history, this number of church planters commissioned at once stands out as a major milestone.

Representatives from all different regions joined in the celebration at the festive graduation. Altogether, the graduates were filled with deep gratitude and were ready to go share the gospel.

Many graduates face fierce opposition

People want them to stop them from sharing the gospel and worshiping the Lord. Recently, the police settled a dispute when Christians were being threatened while witnessing to others about the Lord. The SOM North Africa Director affirmed,

“No matter what happens, we will be with Christ while we share the gospel. God is good. We stand firm and will continue to press forward.”

In fact, two new schools are about to begin with an expected graduation in January 2022. There will also be a Lighthouse Sewing Discipleship School starting.

Agricultural Support to Empowers North Africa Communities

Furthermore, SOM North Africa is currently helping supply 400 people with seeds and fertilizer across the country through the “Sustainable Food” outreach. This outreach opportunity is helping to provide agricultural support to enable communities to feed themselves and thrive. Currently, 3,500 volunteers are participating. As a result, after the outreach harvests the crops, the ministry receives a portion to distribute to those in need. Most importantly, the Lord is using this outreach to equip families to provide a sustainable future for themselves.

“My dream is to be able to distribute food to half of North Africa,” reported the SOM North Africa Director. “Right now, we have all the seeds but need more fertilizer.  We are trusting the Lord for finances to purchase more fertilizer in the country.  Our desire is to be the light and salt in this part of the world.”

“We are the believers, and if our God is the true God, He has all the knowledge and power to be a channel of hope and blessings for our communities,” continued the SOM North Africa Director.

“We have been seeing that God is using us in many more ways than we could think or imagine to take this country to the next level for Christ.”

The Ministry is Partnering with the North Africa Government on Construction Projects

The government is providing work to do, and then the money helps fund the ministry’s work. Praise God for His faithful leadership and provision!

Ways to pray for our work in North Africa
  • Please pray for the 209 church planters to receive wisdom and courage from the Holy Spirit.
  • Lift in prayer for the construction projects to be an outreach to start new house churches.
  • Pray for the resources to provide the fertilizer for the sustainable living project.